Estes Park High School

Innovation at Elevation, Learning at a Higher Level

Mission, Vision and Beliefs

  • ROARS reminds us what we must do to make EPHS the best school it can be for all students.

    R = Respect  Our words and actions will follow school policy.

    O = On-time  Being punctual exhibits respect for ourselves and others.

    A = Attentive  We are attentive and engaged in every class.

    R = Responsible  We are prepared with materials and homework.

    S = Safe  We act in ways that will keep ourselves and others safe.


    E5 Excellent Education for Every Student in Every Classroom Every Day


    • Excellent public education is the foundation of strong citizenship and a healthy society.
    • Each staff member is responsible for assuring every student an excellent education. 
    • Teachers are our most valuable asset in providing an excellent educational experience that is personalized, rigorous, and inspiring. 
    • Families are responsible for instilling the value of education in their children and their support is essential for an effective education. 
    • Students are responsible for taking an active role in their educational experience.
    • Meaningful and continuous professional growth of all staff members is a critical component of an excellent education. 
    • Effective communication, strong relationships, and participation among students, families, staff and community are core to an excellent education. 
    • Ongoing assessment of E5 (Excellent Education for Every Student in Every Classroom Every Day!) is paramount to continuous improvement.


Estes Park School District R-3 End Results for Students

  • Estes Park R-3 students will acquire the knowledge and skills to be responsible citizens. 


    Estes Park R-3 students will develop and demonstrate proficiency in:

    • Essential skills-listening, speaking, reading, writing, and mathematics
    • Essential content-science; social studies; world cultures and languages; literature; physical and health education; financial, environmental, and information literacy; and the arts


    Estes Park R-3 students will develop and demonstrate their abilities in:

    • Critical thinking, reasoning, logic, and innovation
    • Ethical principles such as integrity, empathy, and respect
    • Self-motivation, resourcefulness, and creativity
    • Real-world application of knowledge and skills
    • Leadership and teamwork skills
    • Civic duty and stewardship
    • Personal decision-making and goal setting


    Estes Park R-3 students will explore and participate in:

    • Careers and technical trades, internships, post-secondary options, exchange programs, activities/athletics, and community service