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    Estes Park School District is very excited for construction to begin on our new Community Center, located west of the Elementary School and adjacent to the Aquatics Center.  All involved parties are working to finalize details and construction is scheduled to begin on Monday, October 3. During this construction, there will be parts of the School District Campus that will be affected.   

    Elementary School Drop-off and Pick-up

    Beginning on Monday, October 3 until Tuesday, November 1, a section of the one-way road located in front of the Elementary School that exits onto Community Dr. will be closed.    

    Parents will still enter the Elementary School parking lot as usual, and pull through to drop-off or pick-up their child in front of the building along the curb.  However, the part of the road that continues past the school and the Aquatics Center, exiting onto Community Dr. will be closed.  All traffic that enters the ES parking lot will use the Brodie Ave. exit to leave the parking lot.    

    Please plan on adjusting your morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up routines accordingly, knowing that there will be much more traffic congestion as a result of this.  We also appreciate your patience in the first few days of this closure as we make necessary adjustments to keep traffic flowing as best we can.     

    Bus Loop/Bus Drop-off and Pick-up

    Beginning on Monday, October 3 until Tuesday, November 1, the Bus Loop will be closed, resulting in some changes to bus drop-off and pick-up.  During this time, bus drop-off in the mornings will be in front of the Middle School along the sidewalk.  Bus pick-up in the afternoon will be in the parking lot located behind the Middle School.   

    Of course, there will be many teachers and staff on hand to help students know where to go after drop-off in the morning.  Additionally, after school, teachers will be making sure that students get to their appropriate bus in the new pick-up location behind the Middle School.   

    Aquatics Center Parking

    Beginning on Monday, October 3 the Aquatics Center parking lot will be closed until construction on the Community Center is complete.  Construction is expected to continue through the entire 2016-17 school year, with completion expected Summer 2017.    

    We are all very excited for our new Community Center, and we genuinely appreciate your patience as we work with the construction schedule to help complete this project.  You can expect regular updates from the School District concerning construction progress and updates. 

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